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Ref. House & Garden UK, April 2022

Sally Ives &
Nicolette Watson

We have more than 25 years’ experience and specialize in turnkey design and project management collaborating with clients and working directly with architects and builders.


Many of our recent projects have been international relocations or new projects in Europe and the UK where we have assisted clients with finding the perfect property, advice on editing and adding to their existing furniture, art and accessories and designing and curating their new space.


We have established relationships with service providers and strive to make any move, renovation or new project as cost effective, seamless and stress free as possible with out compromising on the end result.


We offer a full design service and aim to provide beautiful bespoke spaces that reflect our client’s life style and personality.

'Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you like is ever out of style'

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'Life is about choice - not necessarily easy but possible.'

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