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Rosebank Corporate Head Office - Relocation




Rosebank, Johannesburg


Commercial – turnkey project design and project management, full intercity relocation


3000 sqm

Goal achieved

Reuse, recycle and repair

In response to this large European construction company outgrowing the premises that we had completed three years previously, we had to go back to the drawing board and integrate the existing 750m2 into the new 3000m2 in 6 weeks.

This mammoth task was successfully completed between October and December 2014. Our brief was not only to maximize the use of space but also to repurpose everything and maintain the simplicity and elegance of the original design.


We focused on a neutral palette that was texture-rich and enhanced by beautiful art, antiques and soft furnishings.


In line with the concept of the circular economy and the 3R’s principles we managed to reuse, recycle and repair most of the furniture and building elements from the previous Sandton head office. 


This displays the power of effective and efficient design in the mitigation of waste. Considered design is essential for waste efficient construction projects and moving towards the objective of a zero waste and sustainable global economy.

The understated sophistication of these offices portrays not only the seriousness of the business but also their commitment to cost-effectiveness while still being true to their original design.


We were responsible for the entire installation encompassing all facets of interior architecture and interior design. A memorable tribute was made to the original founder of the company by commissioning a talented local artist to make a bronze bust in his likeness.  This was unveiled at the opening of the new premises to much applause.



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