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School Library & Media Centre




Rosebank , South Africa


Junior school - turnkey project design and project management



Goal achieved

The old reinvented.

The brief was to reinvent, reuse, modernise all existing furniture and to create a space that took the teaching space from a traditional environment into a forward-thinking, active learning space.

A space that would prepare it’s students for life as global, critical thinking citizens. As a result of a collaboration between staff, students, stakeholders, the community and the design team an environment has been created where the learners can feel comfortable in a space that encourages creativity and cognitive function.


It has frequently been suggested that circular themes should be used to challenge the conventional concept of authority and control. The wave desk, circular computer pod and amphitheatre, circular lighting designs and overall layout has reinforced this concept.


The custom woven carpet on the staircase follows the tradition of the school tartan and colours, while the tree design on the wallpaper establishes a direct link to the school’s beautiful gardens that are visible through a huge picture window centred on the landing.

Existing bookshelves were repurposed by encasing them in white high gloss boxes and putting them on industrial castors for mobility.


This concept of mobility and flexibility of design is in keeping with the modern thoughts on project-based learning in conjunction with traditional modes of teaching. This space allows for the ability to engage in preferred methods of learning, collaboration, informational technology and instructional media through the use of specialised equipment in a space that offers security and comfort.


The objective is to create a culture of critical thinking and informed decision making through the use of an active, enquiry based and exploratory teaching methodology. 



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